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These great medium sized bonsai pots would be good for a variety of styles of bonsai tree or even an aged bonsai plant or succulent.


  • Rectangle with shaped cut corners
  • Cream/Off White
  • Good size 2 drain holes in bottom
  • Glazed clay pot 21cm LX 16.5cm W X 7cm H


These pots are very popular for bonsai.. They are of a standard range and being glazed they will have some small imperfections, that is the nature of the pot.


We will only send the highest quality of these pots in good condition however there may be an imperfection here and there, we like to say they are all unique in their own way and we love them all..

Glazed Bonsai Pot Rectangle Cut Cream 8 Inch Variety

SKU: 8iRcCm
$17.82 Regular Price
$13.37Sale Price
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