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About Jax and Rose BONSAI

Jax and Rose Bonsai was founded in 2022 from two back yard enthusiasts after many years creating and loving the art of bonsai.
​"We pride ourselves in only selling the best quality and healthy bonsai plants to our customers.

We raise most of our plants by hand and maintain them every day individually for quality care.

We provide Potted Bonsai Plants to bonsai lovers all over the Sunshine Coast.

And supply pots, tools and accessories by post Australia Wide.  

We love getting out in our community and displaying bonsai plants for sale at various shows and events held on the Sunshine Coast. We love meeting and chatting to Sunshine Coast Bonsai Enthusiasts like ourselves and providing as much information as we can on how to look after and maintain bonsai.

We will provide an updated list of events coming soon that you can find us at on the Sunshine Coast on the home page as they get closer to the event :)

If you have any questions regarding special gift ideas or how we can make your purchase a little bit extra special please contact us anytime..

We have a chat box at the bottom of our website or you can email anytime. :)"

Lets Make Beautiful Bonsai Together :)

Indoor Bonsai Tree
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