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This cute little BUXUS Bonsai may be the start to a life long bonding for you or gift someone special .


  • Species – BUXUS
  • Type –  Root over log Traditional
  • Size – 20cm tall including Pot and branches span 11cm wide including pot
  • Age - 1yrs Old…. DOB: June 2023
  • Repot+ 10 Feb 2024
  • Pot - Oval Tub Glazed Blue 4 inch variety 
  • Decorative Stones 


We pride ourselves in only selling the best quality and healthy bonsai plants.

We raise most of our plants by hand and maintain them every day individually for quality health and care for the plant.


Bonsai trees are not only pleasing to the eye they can have mental and physical benefits too. When you care for a bonsai it can immensely help with stress relief. A bonsai tree isn’t just any plant, the more time you spend with your bonsai the more it becomes special and personal to you. It also brings a sense of calm and harmony in your mind and many many years of joy..



When given as a gift they Symbolize FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, LOYALTY AND RESPECT.


    Buxus Bonsai 1YRS OLD B1Y-1

    SKU: BUXUS1Y-1

      • Bonsai plants belong outside to soak up the sun and fresh air. If you require your bonsai inside, please research growing lamps.
      • Water your bonsai every day in the summer and every other day in the cooler months. Monitor your bonsai every day as these requirements may change depending on location and species.
      • We use tweezers for aerating the soil and roots when potting/repotting
      • We use high quality Carbon Steet Pruning Scissors so we don’t hurt or damage the bonsai while pruning and designing.
      • We use free draining bonsai medium soil so the roots don’t rot.
      • Research your bonsai plant species to find the best location, sun duration/shade and watering requirements for your area/location in Australia.
      • If you have purchased a bonsai that has shaping wire, its recommended to carefully take off the wire 1-2 months after buying your plant.
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